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5 Things you Should’t Forget to Tell Yourself

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1. I am beautiful. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you aren't beholding yourself, no one will." Oftentimes, I see girls shaming themselves, and wishing they had someone else's eyes, nose or lips.. The realization is that everyone is different and we were made that way for a reason. Love yourself, [...]

How to Stay Healthy On the Go

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I hear the same question many times a day… How do you stay healthy when you are on the go constantly.  My response never changes:  “I prepare my food and plan out my day so that I am never hungry and I never have to compromise what I fuel my body with”. Just as my [...]

Beef-It’s What’s NOT For Dinner

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Beef - It's What's NOT For Dinner I recently made 2 meals that were delish; neither meal included beef OR chicken.  The 1st was a pork recipe and the 2nd was a shrimp recipe (could sub scallops for the shrimp if you wanted).  These 2 recipes were taken from Giada de Laurentiis' "Everyday Italian," and the [...]

My Love Affair With Pumpkin

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It is no secret: I'm obsessed with pumpkin.  I love the color, the smell, the rich flavor, how it adds moist fluffiness to any dish............and I love it in all types of foods, from coffee to chili.  During my last contest prep, I was inundated with pumpkin.  Everywhere I looked, I saw pumpkin, and it [...]