Fighters have this Weight Loss game down. In a given year I can weigh anywhere from 185lbs to 145lbs. Fighters have to really be in tune with their bodies and know what works and what doesn’t, Because if they step on the scale and it doesn’t say what they want it to say… They’re not fighting… and their not making money.

It’s easy to say that fighters are fit because of all the exercise they do. And though the exercise does aid in burning unwanted calories, It turns out that it’s not about what the fighters put out… its what the fighters put in that makes all the difference at weighins.

In the video below Aaron Caroll MD, MS and Dean of Research at Indiana University School of medicine explains:

30 minutes of Jogging or swimming laps may burn up 350 Calories… An Amount of Calories we can avoid by cutting out two 16oz servings of Soda

People’s trust in exercise for weight loss is misplaced. Studies have shown that over a 6 month period, that an exercise program with no change in diet… shows no weight loss… None, Nada, Zilch. While the reciprocal shows an average weight loss of about 3-4lbs a week!

Exercise isn’t ALL bad… It has many health benefits and if you’re looking for a fit tight body, then it is essential in achieving that. But if your goal is specifically weight loss, then you’ll do much better with a diet from a website like than you will with the latest installment of P90 Insane Brazilian Butt Whatever the fad is now.

It’s Important to note that exercise on top of all this can only help in achieving your weight loss goals… But as my Conditioning Coach Nikki Carlin says… “You can’t out work a Bad Diet”.


Mike O’Laskey Welter Weight MMA champion and Owner of O’Laskey Martial Arts in Burbank, CA