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Nutrition is a complex subject, your lifestyle shouldn’t have to be. Don’t be bored with food the rest of your life, find a diet lifestyle that fits for you right here.  This is an education, on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Private nutritionists have been available only for those able to afford the services. Well, we are bringing that same knowledge and more to the public, for a membership that anyone can afford. For less than your cup of coffee this morning, you can take your health back into your own hands with our help. Follow the survey questions to see what lifestyle might fit your life!

Meet A Few Of Our Professionals

Ryan Hays
Ryan HaysIFBB Pro Figure Competitor, Former NCAA D1 Athlete
John Foster
John FosterNational Level NPC Bodybuilder
National level npc bodybuilder, High School strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, Division 1 NCAA wrestler, and personal trainer.
Jaimie Bernhardt
Jaimie BernhardtFitness Model
Jaimie is a Fitness Model who has been published in Maxim magazine, American Curves, Musclemag, Muscle and Fitness hers, PlanetMuscle, Flex, Fight! Magazine, Muscular Development and Cover of Ironman Swimsuit.
Nicole Carlin
Nicole CarlinCrossfit Level 1 Coach
Nicole Carlin is a Level 1 coach for Crossfit and a top 10 regionals athlete. Nikki coaches everyone in sports conditioning from the casual fitness enthusiast to elite level MMA fighters.

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Anyone can write “expert” on their social media page. Master trainer? What is that? Is that a certification we can’t find somewhere? We want to educate you, and you shouldn’t have to question the source of your information. Our contributors will have all education, degrees and certifications published for you. Take the opinions out of it, with real professionals and real science.


crazy back

Strip away the jazz and the junk, if you want results, let us show you what works. We call it old school, because it’s been built by tradition, by generations. You won’t need much, just weights and work ethic.

cross over exercise

Circuit training is a high intensity, fast past style training. It has been utilized for years for athletic training, and a great way to lean out quickly. From the soccer mom to the professional athlete, these programs will work for you.


From beginner to pro, our exclusive program for strength and power. Follow our world record holding lifters and team of professionals, as they walk you through their personal power programs. See what you’re missing in your progress.

yoga excersise

We spend year after year building and improving our bodies. But neglect the maintenance. A few minutes a day can save you weeks of recovery. Learn the little things you can do at home that will save you from injuries, and maximize your results!