5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Results

1- You’re lazy.
Whether you’re a newbie that isn’t pushing themselves hard enough, or a veteran who has become complacent with their training program, we all miss out on results. The fact is, no mater how hardcore #fitfam you think you are, some days aren’t filled with your best effort. However most of the time, it’s your own fault. For newbies, this is where finding a great trainer is so important. Someone to direct you, and push you harder than you will do on your own. Having someone lay out a program for you when you don’t know a bench press from a squat rack also helps a lot! The veterans are guilty too, but for different reasons. We’ve hit that body  part or circuit so many times, we go in without a direction in mind, no plan laid out, no goals set. When you go into anything without goals, you achieve less. You aren’t directing your energy and focus in one place, and your lack of results will start to show it. Make a plan, set a goal, lay out your workouts ahead of time and push yourself harder than before. Newbie or veteran, try reducing your mirror-selfies and you will immediately get better results.
2- Your nutrition doesn’t match your training
Maybe your training isn’t the problem, it’s on point and you push hard. This was me at 18 and 19 years old. I worked out hard, I was strong and most importantly I was consistent. I wanted to see what my body was capable of, I wanted to look like the pictures on the walls, so I joined a 90 day nutrition program at the gym. I urge you to NOT sign up with just any program. Find someone legitimate, not the “bro” who says he’ll help you. One of the strength and conditioning coaches for FSU was running this program and it was the first time in my life I watched my body change in a matter of months. I was shocked, no training changed, no extra hours of cardio, just changing what you gave your body for fuel. I went from a sloppy 210 lbs to 191 lbs, and about 6 % reduction in body-fat. You can workout all day long and your results will only be as good as your diet plan. Yes, we all know some freaks who eat what they want and still look better than most. That’s the exception, not the rule. I’d probably check out their “supplement” regimen too, if you know what I mean.
3- Consistency
You know the guy always complaining that he lost his gains? He might tell you how strong he was once. We all know those guys and girls. “Oh I competed once”. Habits are hard to keep up, it takes will power, self-motivation and constitution. Most people won’t do extra on their own, so most people don’t maximize their results. If your results are struggling, look at your consistency. Do you snooze more often than you should? Rest days are great for you, but do you take a few too many “rest days” a week? Personal responsibility is to blame here, not your body type or your genetics. You have no consistency. Step it up and watch your results stop disappointing you.
Supplements can be a great weapon in the busy American way of life. Most of us don’t have the time to eat the way we should, or aren’t getting the nutrients we should from our foods. It’s never going to hurt to add a few top priorities to your food intake. Typically I keep a few things in my diet on the daily;
-BCAA’s, (Branch chain amino acids) are great between meals or during/after a workout. It helps with protein synthesis, and the worst thing you can do is lose them in your urine.
-Flax seed oil is something I put in a shake almost every morning, to ensure I have some good fats for everything from skin health to cancer fighting lignans.
-Greens powder/superfoods is always a good choice. I add these to a morning shake as well, to add some essential vitamins and minerals we might miss in our grab and go lifestyle.
-Protein is a great, easy addition for most of us as well. I try to rely on whole foods not supplements as often as possible. That’s why they’re called “supplements” and not “dinner”. Some days go by and meals are missed, travel happens and we have to do our best to stay on track. Grab a good quality protein powder source if you aren’t hitting your goals.
5- Cheat/Treat days
I’m all for treating myself after a hard week of training. Everyone should have some sort of re-feed day for your physical health and mental sanity. I would say most people over-do this and don’t train as hard as they treat themselves. If you don’t go that hard during the week, don’t go that hard on your treat day! This can be a serious set back. Using averages, let’s say your daily intake is around 2,500 calories. On a binge day watching football with your crew, you take in an extra 2000 calories on top of your other meals. If you add up some wings and pizza, it’s not that hard to achieve. If you’re a lean mean-machine, this might not make a big difference in your week. However, if you’re trying to lean out or drop a few extra lbs, now you have an extra 2,000 calories in a week to make up for. Make a better choice, have one slice of the pizza, or grab a small ice cream. You should never hate life dieting. Allow yourself some treats, but do so with some will power. I love ice cream and pizza more than most, but don’t make it harder on yourself by over-indulging. Better yet, time your treat meals around an exercise. Maybe Sunday mornings you go for a jog to get outside the walls of the gym. On your return, have your pancakes binge! Put the calories to good use as fuel and recovery. You need to enjoy food, just be smarter about it.
Get your training on track, make a plan and set some goals. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find someone who does and get a nutrition plan to match your training. We have hundreds of meal plans available to you for $4.99 a month! No excuses. If you don’t have the time to eat right, find some good supplements to get you through the day. Last but not least, don’t ruin all your hard work with too much binge-eating and treats. For real results, when you took the time to go to the gym, put in the work. Try reducing gym selfies, it increases your gains by 43%, it’s science.