What Is The Average Joe’s Challenge

Our world is in trouble. Life threatening diseases are on the rise, and it all starts with what you’re putting in your mouth.  The Average Joe’s challenge is an open community of people looking to transform their lifestyle and body alike. Take the guess work out of it, skip the trial and error of gimmicks and magic pills. Let us teach you a lifestyle that fits for you, get your health back! For less than your cup of coffee this morning, you have access to programs that fit YOUR lifestyle, that you can accomplish anywhere. Through education, we will teach you how to change habits, not a yo-yo diet. We have all tried and failed many times, and it is because the habits never changed, the “why” is never taught, the lifestyle stayed the same. Don’t just sign up to get a diet, sign up because you want to take your life back into your own hands. Let us help you find a program you can stick to, and get real results. With the Average Joe’s Challenge, you’ll get weekly recipes that YOU pick with workouts you can do anywhere! You’re also joining a challenge, and every 90 days a winner is picked! Not only are you featured on the cover of our online community, but you win cash and prizes every 90 days! Get started for just a couple dollars a month.

Meal & Workout Programs For Under $10 a Month
28% Towards First Goal
12% Towards Second Goal
39% Phil's Entire Weightloss Journey

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