My Transformation Story:

I was asked to write this blog and keep track of my weightloss journey.  It is 11:22pm and I am lying in bed on Day 1 of my journey and I am miserable.  I am craving chicken fingers and have a headache because I thought it was a good idea to stop all sodas along with eating healthy.  My wife is asleep next to me snoring and I am laying just thinking what the hell am I doing.

My name is Phil, I am 6’4, 334 lbs and I have been overweight my entire life.  I have tried every diet, workout plan imaginable and they all had one thing in common, I quite.  It has nothing to do with their plan but had everything to do with my will power.   The difference between then and now is my wife is pregnant with my second child and I am tired of being winded when running after my first.  He is just about to turn two-years-old and he is very active.  He is the joy of our lives and it is because of him that I am doing this.  It is day one and I am blogging about this for multiple reasons.  One, I agreed to.  Two, I give you all the ability to kick me in the ass and help me on this journey.  It isn’t going to pretty, but I promise you one thing, it will be real.  This will not be one of those journey’s where you see the results after a year and think wow I wish I could have that.  We are going to laugh together, smile together and cry together (well maybe I will just be crying).

The reality of the situation is I am tired of my weight and my medications running my life and so today starts the first day of the rest of my life.  And although I am miserable I couldn’t be happier.  BuiltMag is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  It is because of BuiltMag that I have this opportunity and it is because of BuiltMag I have been introduced to the simplicities of a healthy lifestyle.  They are teaching me that I have been over analyzing and thinking my health and need to just do it.  I will screw up and I am not perfect but one thing, I am is dedicated.

Beginning Measurements: Current Measurements
Starting Weight: 336 lbs Current Weight: 326 lbs
Gut: 57 inches 55 Inches
Chest: 56 inches 53 3/4 inches
R Thigh: 32 1/2 inches 31 1/2 inches
L Thigh: 33 inches L Thigh: 32 inches
Waist: 51 inches 49 3/4 inches
Neck: 19 inches 17 1/2 inches