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The Dream Team

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Mike's Dream Team Want to make yourself fit to fight? Mike O'Laskey's Dream Team has tips for everything you need: gym routines, meal plans, and the mental game. Even if you aren't ready to enter the cage after reading their advice, you will know more about becoming leaner, stronger, and smarter. When actor and childhood [...]

If You Eat Too Much, You Get Fat

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If You Eat Too Much, You Get Fat What is a calorie? This has been my favorite question for a long time. Talking to groups of fitness trainers was probably my favorite time to ask this. So, what is a calorie? The answers would be anywhere from; 'It's a gram", "It's a measurement of food", [...]

Love Handles

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Why finding your person makes you fat.   We’ve all seen the sex scenes where this ridiculously attractive couple stumbles into the kitchen ridden with passion, opens the fridge, grabs the whipped cream can, the chocolate covered strawberries and embarks into sugar and sex eupohoria. Ummmm, yes please?   So here’s the deal, 6 months down [...]

Why You Should Try Ketosis

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Let me start by discussing one of the most concerning health epidemics our society is currently facing, insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas when there is excess sugar in the blood stream. This is a vital process because sugar floating around your blood creates toxic compounds called glycation end products. Insulin [...]

Grass Fed Beef: Does It Matter?

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Grass Fed Beef: Does It Matter?  Growing up you probably never heard the term “grass-fed” or “organic” referring to produce and animal products. That’s because there was no distinction between grass-fed or grain-fed products you were buying. I grew up around my grand-parents farm where grass-fed and organic just meant normal. Now if I go [...]

Fighting Disease through Fighting Inflammation

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Fighting Disease through Fighting Inflammation Day after day in our busy hustle of life, we don't even think about what we're doing to our bodies. From the activities we do or don't do, to the foods we grab out of convenience, years of bad habits quickly add up to long term damage. Chronic inflammation is [...]

Why You Need The D On The Regular

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You and your health might be missing something very important in life, the D. That's vitamin D. The system that has been created by our society keeps the majority of us indoors most of our lives. We spend our time indoors, we sit at a desk all day, we are fairly sedentary in our lifestyle. [...]

5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Results

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5 Reasons You Aren't Getting Results 1- You're lazy. Whether you're a newbie that isn't pushing themselves hard enough, or a veteran who has become complacent with their training program, we all miss out on results. The fact is, no mater how hardcore #fitfam you think you are, some days aren't filled with your best [...]

It’s Not Salts Fault

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"The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea." - Isak Dinesen, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature Salt has been demonized by the medical community in recent decades for being the culprit in some very serious conditions. Oddly enough, if you dig into research and clinical studies, that is not the [...]