The Dream Team

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Mike's Dream Team Want to make yourself fit to fight? Mike O'Laskey's Dream Team has tips for everything you need: gym routines, meal plans, and the mental game. Even if you aren't ready to enter the cage after reading their advice, you will know more about becoming leaner, stronger, and smarter. When actor and childhood [...]

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What CrossFit Is Doing Right

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What Cross Fit is Doing Right I'm sure we've all seen our fair share of CrossFit articles. Whether it's aggressive FB posts from friends, or actively reading information on the new fitness trend, we've all been exposed. I poke fun at CrossFit a lot, I'll admit. I'm not the only one and honestly they just [...]

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Focus, Eccentric Training

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The fitness industry is full of knowledgeable, driven individuals. So it seems suiting that people turn to reading blogs to get good fitness advice. Now, which topic to choose from. I decided to choose a topic that I feel is extremely important, focus. Now you ask why focus? When I say focus  I mean that [...]

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Physique Competitions

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly What you need to know before you go out and buy a shiny suit and stripper heels You are most likely well aware of all the “good” things that can result from you competing in your first figure or bikini competition. It’s likely that these are the very [...]

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Maximizing Your Calories

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Most of my nutrition programming is done with a goal, not just calories in calories out. I like to maximize my calories. What I mean by this, is getting the most out of the allotted daily calorie intake. So i'm sure you've heard the "IIFYM if it fits your macros" people talk a lot. It [...]

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Training Theory

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I want to share my philosophies and ideologies behind my training methods that I have found success with for myself, my athletes, my clients, and for the stay at home trainee. Im not going use any fancy words to confuse you or to just make it sound like I know what im talking about. I [...]

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Risk to Reward

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If you read any popular fitness magazines, fitness blogs, or maybe you're just Google master of every new fad workout you hear about, then you've undoubtedly gotten a ton of conflicting advice. Being that social media has ruined the fitness industry, and attempting to get an education on the topic, there are a ton of [...]

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5 Things you Should’t Forget to Tell Yourself

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1. I am beautiful. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you aren't beholding yourself, no one will." Oftentimes, I see girls shaming themselves, and wishing they had someone else's eyes, nose or lips.. The realization is that everyone is different and we were made that way for a reason. Love yourself, [...]

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10 Weekly Habits To Health

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I think we can all agree that daily and weekly habits are what dictate your real, lasting results. I wanted to give you a list of 10 weekly habits that will keep you on track. Eat real food Sleep! Aim for 8 hours a night. Recovery and healing depend on this Avoid sugars and unhealthy [...]

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