Full Body Circuit

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1 mile warm up air squats 20 reps slow/ deep (sounds dirty) Low Incline dumbell press 10 reps heavy Barbell upright rows 10 reps heavy Bench jumps, close squat position 20 reps Dumbbell military (shoulder) press, standing 10 reps Barbell bicep curls 10 reps walking lunges 15 reps each leg close hands push ups, under [...]

Full body circuit, bodyweight/plyometric

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warm up a little bit, make sure you're loose, 10 mins walk on stairs or something 15 push ups 15 jump squats 15 Bent over dumbbell row 15 close hands push ups (knees if you have to) 20 alternating lunges, each leg 20 reps Pull ups to failure 20 mountain climbers knees inside elbows 20 [...]

Full Body Mass Circuit

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Heavy circuit 1 mile warm up Run through one set of warm ups on each exercise, then 4 working sets on each circuit Back squats- max for 10 reps Flat barbell bench- max for 10 reps Sumo deadlift- max for 10 reps 3 minute break, repeat circuit 4 working sets 10-12 30 second sprints