Boulder Shoulders

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Exercise 1- Lateral raises. Form focused. Exercise 2- Rear delts. Form focused (make sure you feel it there and are not using your back) Exercise 3- Press. Dumbell or barbell, Last set is high reps constant tension. Exercise 4- Upright rows. VERY high reps. Fast pace. PAIN! Exercise 5- Circuit mid, rear then press. Fast [...]

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Legs Ham/Adductor Focus

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Exercise 1- heavy STRICT adductors. Slow and squeeze. 6 sets. Then. 2 sets high rep Exercise 2- Dumbell curls on flat bench. Exercise 3- Lying ham curls. 3 sets heavy, 3 sets high reps. Exercise 4- high foot position leg press. Go up by 1 plate at a time doing 12 reps each time until [...]

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Triceps Tricep dips- 4 sets elbows in, squeeze top of the rep 10-12 rep range V bar tricep extension- 4 sets 10-12 reps Lying skull crushers (elbows in)- 4 sets 10-12 reps Biceps Preacher curls- 4 sets 10-12 reps Standing straight bar strict curls- 4 sets 10-12 reps Seated concentration hammer curls- 4 sets 12-15 [...]

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