If you are anything like me, making a salad at home is no comparison to a restaurant salad. A restaurant salad has so much detail from the finely chopped vegetables perfectly marinated meat, and variety of cheeses. I love to order a salad at a restaurant. Its more of a treat to me than ordering anything else on the menu even though its ‘healthy’. On average I pay around $10-$14 on a nice salad at a restaurant and I got to the point where I couldn’t see why i couldn’t make this at home. Making a restaurant salad at home takes prep just like any other meal you would prep for. First I make of list of ingredients.  I try and think of all of my favorite things restaurants put in their salads. I like to use a variety of lettuce such as spinach, romaine, and cabbage ( i buy the coleslaw shredded bagged). For add ins I think of all the greens. I buy cucumber avocado and broccoli and also cauliflower. I love to put hard boiled eggs in my salads as well. For cheese the only cheese i use is GoVeggie which is basically tofu cheese. GoVeggie is low in fat and calories. I like to use the Parmesan and shredded mozzarella. I love to add pistachios or crushed cashews instead of a crouton.  One of my favorite aspects of making my own salads at home other than the money ill save is making my own dressing. At restaurants you really dont know how much fat or sugar is in the dressing. When i do order i always try to use red wine vinegar but not all restaurants have it. So at home I make my own. I use apple cider vinegar, olive oil, balsamic, and i buy the Italian dressing packets. Mix it together and its the perfect dressing! After i buy all the ingredients i chop them up and separate them into Tupperware. I already prep my chicken and steak for my other meals so its easy to add them to my salads. This makes it easy to just throw it all into a bowl and enjoy! So if you want to have restaurants salads at home it really has hard as it seems.  it just takes a little prep and you can enjoy a yummy salad everyday!