The fitness industry is full of knowledgeable, driven individuals. So it seems suiting that people turn to reading blogs to get good fitness advice. Now, which topic to choose from. I decided to choose a topic that I feel is extremely important, focus.

Now you ask why focus? When I say focus  I mean that in all aspects of your fitness goals. Whether it be in your training, or your daily life and in eating your meals.

There have been many times where I will get to the gym and just go through the motions. Yes I am getting a lift in but am I really concentrating on the muscles that I’m working?  It’s not all about lifting as heavy as you can. My favorite lifts are the ones with not the heaviest weight, but heavy enough to where I can do negatives, aka Eccentric training.   Eccentric training is my favorite way to train, and it takes full focus to do so. You have to really to listen to your body and concentrate on the muscle group you are working. An example of negatives, controlling the weight at a slow pace as you return to starting position in a bicep curl.

Another example, which is one of my favorites is something i like to do a few days after a heavy leg day. I will get on the stair-mill still a little sore and squeeze my booty with every step. I can feel my muscles contracting. I don’t go very fast, it’s all about concentrating on the muscle group I am working.
When it comes to diet, it goes hand in hand with training. You need to focus on both. You can’t have great training without proper nutrition. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle change. Diet is a key component to that lifestyle.
You should listen to your body and how it reacts to certain foods and the only way to do that is by trial and error. It took me years to figure out what certain foods do to my body. I will throw a new food in and see if it bloats me or makes me feel more energized.
So that being said I think to utilize your time in the most effective way you should start with a clear mind, and keep your eyes on the prize and that’s you!