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Jaimie Bernhardt

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with two very active and social older sisters. My mother was very fitness oriented, and I always felt I had a lot to live up to. My mom was very involved with the Cincinnati Bengals cheer team and the local YMCA aerobic Instructor. My sisters played every sport imaginable. I tried most sports, but was never good enough compared to my sisters. I was very shy and introverted. As I got older I grew out of my shyness, but still wasn’t competitive. I was very skinny and was teased throughout high school and college. I’ve always been an athlete, but I fell into fitness due to medical conditions where I had to eliminate certain food from my diet.

This obviously made me a lot more health conscious. Soon after I met my boyfriend who wrestled in college, who became a bodybuilder after. He encouraged me to start lifting again and I fell in love with the gym. When we first met I weighed about 107 lbs. Today I walk around about 125 lbs, but feel so much healthier. I never realized that I was the skinny-fat girl! I had no muscle tone , but I thought that was normal and healthy. That same year we went to the Arnold Classic where I was literally chased down by a major supplement company to model. Since then I began to give fitness modeling a shot. Before I knew it I was being published after my very first photo shoot!! I’ve been published in Maxim Magazine, American Curves, Muscle-mag, Muscle and Fitness Hers, PlanetMuscle, Flex, Fight! and Muscular Development. Most recently I landed my first cover of the Ironman swimsuit addition. It’s been a roller-coaster of thrills living my dream. Everyday is a blessing and finding a balance of a healthy lifestyle and pursing my dream of modeling.

Above all my dreams and accomplishments, there is no greater feeling than helping people know and value their worth. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and love who they are on the inside and out. Especially women, we are all beautiful and it’s my mission in life to empower women to know how truly incredible they are!


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Jaimie Bernhardt
Jaimie BernhardtFitness Model

Jaimie’s Highlights

Eccentric training is something I love to do often, to really focus on specific parts. It’s not always about the weight you’re lifting, sometimes it’s about the focus. Read it here!
I would have to say my favorite to date, is the cover of the IronMan Swimsuit issue. With so many beautiful girls featured, I was honored to have the cover spot. jaimie-bernhardt
I love pretty much anything outdoors. I lived in Utah for a while, the hiking there was amazing. Such an experience, such a beautiful atmosphere. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with my best friend in her stables, taking care of horses and love it!
I love making Salads at home, who needs to go to a restaurant for a good salad?! Not me. Check it out here!

One of my other favorites is a guacamole salmon, it’s been pretty popular here on so far! Recipe is here

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