Interview with Jelena Abbou:

Builtmag: Age?

Jelena:  Never ask girl for her age LOL, but ok …just turned 39. Hey we have the same birthday

Builtmag: Yes we do! I’d like to think greatness was born on that day!

Builtmag: Where are you from?

Jelena:  Originally from Serbia but I live in New jersey

Builtmag: Employment?

Jelena: I am self employed

Builtmag: Hobbies?

Jelena: Baking

Builtmag: What are 3 favorite movies

Jelena: ugh  i don’t have 3 ..scar face

Builtmag: Favorite book?

Jelena: One of my first books on body building was Arnold’s encyclopedia of body building

Builtmag: Favorite food? Cheat food, and clean food?

Jelena:  Cheat- pizza, Clean- sushi

Builtmag: 2 favorite recipes to make on your own?

Jelena: My protein balls: protein, peanut butter and honey
and another simple one banana, oats and chocolate chip cookies

Builtmag: You’re Serbian, as I learned recently. How long have you been in the US? Where is your favorite place you’ve ever lived?

Jelena:  I’ve been in US almost 20 years and always lived in NJ
Builtmag: We had a ton of fun shooting with you, you’re so natural in front of the camera. You’ve been modeling for a while, what is your favorite accomplishment?

Jelena: Favorite, always first cover Oxygen or Hers (I’ve done 13 altogether 14 with BUILTMAG!!) and definitely my MAC made up

Builtmag: What is the worst date you’ve ever been taken on?

Jelena:  Luckily didn’t have any horrible experiences, if I had, names would be mentioned lol

Builtmag: What is the best date you’ve ever been on? You don’t have to give us their name, don’t worry 😉

Jelena:  We don’t have to use his name, but he will know. Literally had me at coffee, so Starbucks, first kiss… and just how I felt

Builtmag: Have you ever been fired from a job? Give us the details if so

Jelena: Haha no thank God

Builtmag: Tell us about your competition background, do you like being on stage?

Jelena: I loved being on stage, competition was big part of my life

Builtmag:  Are you competitive?

Jelena: Yes

Builtmag: Do you like watching sports? Or would you prefer to be in the other room having cocktails while the men yell at the TV?

Jelena: I like watching football lol
Builtmag: Would you rather hike a mountain, camp in the woods, or resort style, need a shower every day type vacation?

Jelena: I’m soooo not outdoorsy type of girl, so definitely resort
Builtmag: Yeah I could have pinned you for high maintenance. JUST KIDDING! 🙂  If you could pick 2 places to go, where would they be?

Jelena:  Hawaii and bora bora
Builtmag: If you could leave our readers with a top 3 tips to carry on a lifestyle, what would they be?

Jelena: Exercise daily, eat 90% clean and consistency
Builtmag: We had a lot of fun working with you it was nice to learn you had a sense of humor and can carry on a conversation! We’ve run into some “models” who don’t fare so well in person! Hope we get to see you again soon!

Jelena: Thank you so much. Hope we get to work together soon