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John Foster

“Nothing in life is given to you but if you work hard enough you can have anything you want.” The principal of hard work is sometimes overlooked in hopes of getting an edge from some gimmick plan, supplement or routine. You out work your competition in every aspect and success will follow. I have built my foundation for success based off these principals, my personal accomplishments include division 1 state wrestling title, an All-American status­­ resulting in an NCAA division 1 scholarship and numerous national and state titles as a youth wrestler. Injury limited my wrestling accomplishments later in life. I then took up competitive bodybuilding winning many state and regional overall titles, now competing as a sponsored national level competitor. As a strength and conditioning coach I have trained a number of athletes that achieved NCAA scholarships, all-­Americans, national champions and professional status athletes in many sports. I am currently the strength and conditioning coach for Perry High School and trainer/owner of Anytime Fitness.


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John Foster
John FosterStrength Coach, Bodybuilder

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D-1 NCAA Collegiate wrestler
Strength and Conditioning coach at Perry High School
National Level Bodybuilding Competitor
Gym Owner
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