Why finding your person makes you fat.


We’ve all seen the sex scenes where this ridiculously attractive couple stumbles into the kitchen ridden with passion, opens the fridge, grabs the whipped cream can, the chocolate covered strawberries and embarks into sugar and sex eupohoria. Ummmm, yes please?


So here’s the deal, 6 months down the road Mr. and Ms. Whipped cream and strawberries have both packed on 10 lbs, neither one of them feels secure enough to take their shirts off and their relationship evolves into Netflix without the chill. Does falling in love make you fat?! Well, according to studies more than 60% of people put on weight in comfortable relationships. I didn’t say happy…I said comfortable. Now, if you’re happy….increase that percentage. This makes being in a happy relationship the MOST COMMON cause of weight gain, someone call 911.


I read an article where they called Dopamine the “Kim Kardashian” of hormones which is 0% relevant to this article but still so worth mentioning. Anyway, a bunch of  “feel good” hormones are released in the brain as a result of falling in love. Dopamine is associated with the reward system in the brain and for lack of a super scientific explanation, finding your person makes you feel awesome but it can also increase your desire for sweets, make you skip the gym for date night, compromise on your diet and drink your bodyweight in wine.


Here’s a good example, when I met my fiancé (bow chicka bow wow) he was practicing a ketogenic nutrition plan. I was on a traditional clean eating, low fat, high protein breakdown. Sparks flew, fireworks went off, and in less than a month we were both eating all of the fat and all of the carbs. Neither one of us could stick with our typical eating patterns, the combination of the two nutrition philosophies paired with endless bottles of wine and a newfound donut addiction and we found ourselves majorly screwed. (NOT in a good way).


The flip side is, a common love for training and common hate for being that couple that got fat after they met continues to drive us to burn our love handles off.  I’ll openly admit, if you haven’t trained with your partner before, the sight of sweat, the sound of grunting and the overall experience of seeing your mate lift heavy things can do wonders for your libido (and make time on the treadmill fly by). So along with date night, pencil in gym time.

Some research suggests that Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Iron, Folate and the Flavonoids found in berries and red wine (probably not by the gallon) may help promote healthy dopamine levels. But then again, so does being in love, skipping the donuts, training together and just getting regular strawberries instead of chocolate covered…

All my love (handles)


Guest Writer: Amber Elizabeth in our monthly rant for December

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