You and your health might be missing something very important in life, the D. That’s vitamin D. The system that has been created by our society keeps the majority of us indoors most of our lives. We spend our time indoors, we sit at a desk all day, we are fairly sedentary in our lifestyle. When you tell someone that 30 minutes a day of real, uninhibited sunlight could literally change their lives, they look at you like you’re growing horns. We are so busy in our lives now, no one takes the time to learn the simple natural fixes we have for our day to day problems. We take whatever the main stream media feeds us, from the food we eat to where we shop. Take a pill for this, take a shot for that. Visit your doctor for this new medication that will help your sleep patterns. You’ll sleep a little deeper, but now you have chronic constipation, bloody diarrhea, migraines, and possible death, This seems like an outrageous thing to write, but have you ever listened to the list of side effects in one of the fluffy rainbows and butterflies commercials for a new medication? Possibly the most shocking part is that it’s all verbalized, but millions of people still trust the products and the doctor prescribing.

We’re told on the regular to avoid the sun because of possible damage, but it’s also the number one source for natural vitamin D production. Geographically you can look at statistics of depression, always higher in areas that have little to no sunlight. Rickets for example; a deformity we don’t hear much about anymore, causes soft and deformed bones. This is caused by a lack of sunlight, which causes no natural release of vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D also contributes to immune system deficiency, allowing auto-immune attacks. Vitamin D is also a top cancer fighter that we produce ourselves. Oddly this is what we’re told to avoid by doctors all the time because of a risk of melanoma. If you look into the statistics of mortality rates by melanoma versus mortality rates of other cancers fought by vitamin D, I think I’d risk the sun exposure. If you’re the average American you probably take a supplement or multi-vitamin to get most of your vitamins and minerals. Why partake in the amazing food sources we have from the earth when you can just pop a pill and eat fast food right?! These new administrations keep coming out with new certifications to govern their products, making them sounds higher quality. The problem is these governing agencies don’t understand that no matter what the stamp says, most of the contents aren’t even absorbed by humans.

The Problem with Multi-Vitamins:
Multi Vitamins were made to be a “supplement” not a dietary choice. You supplement your diet with a multi vitamin, hoping to get a little extra of what you might have been missing. The majority of man-made products have gone through so many processes by the time you pop that pill, you’re absorbing almost no nutrients. What you do absorb is not “bio-available” to humans anyway, so it creates build up in your body, or just gets excreted. Did you know that after heart attacks, the majority of what doctors are digging out of arteries is NOT dietary fats like we’re told? Most of it is actually made up of fake calcium and other processed vitamins, compounded by a constant inflammatory diet. Yes, the calcium pills sold at your health store, that’s suppose to be helping you keep those bones strong. The calcium you’re ingesting is not the same as what you’d get from a real food source, thus making it un-available to your body.

Taking it a step further, what if calcium wasn’t even what you needed? What if it was just 30 minutes a day of natural sun? Vitamin D does more for your bone density than calcium ever will? It does! You cannot supplement the effect that a small amount of real sun has on your body. I will stress “appropriate sunlight exposure” because it’s different for everyone. Test your skin out, if you’re extremely pale, start with 10-15 minutes of raw sun. If you know you tan well try 30 minutes to an hour. Just a little bit of sun a day will produce plenty of natural vitamin D, defeating a laundry list of modern ailments.

The following are just a few common ailments Vitamin D helps fight, or improves symptoms of:

-Cardiovascular Disease
-Auto-immune diseases (For a few examples)
-Inflammatory Bowel Disease
-The Flu
-Metabolic Processes

Top Vitamin D sources:

-Fatty fish like Tuna, mackerel and Salmon
-Foods fortified with vitamin D, some dairy products (the less processed the better), orange juice, soy milk.
-Beef liver
-Egg yolks

In the end, avoiding sunlight might keep skin cancer-prone specimens a small percentage safer, but most of the research shows the benefits of sunlight outweigh the dangers. Whether it’s sunlight, or better dietary choices, make sure you’re not setting yourself up for health-failure not getting the D.