New Year, New Excuses

It’s almost that time again, you know that part of the year when everyone begins the “new year, new me” stuff. Every year we vow to do things differently. We set high standards for ourselves and shout from the rooftops that we’re going to conquer the world. This time, we’re going to make this move we’ve dreamed about, find the perfect job and finally find happiness. Did you know that only 8% of New Years resolutions are ever attained?

That would leave 92% of resolutions surveyed either given up on, or failed. I’d dare say with a percentage like 8% success, giving up is probably a safe bet. I see and hear every year, what all of my friends and family are going to do. Most of the health and fitness goals are given up on at the first hangover. Whoops, missed that morning jog this morning, guess I’ll just miss the next 11 months of them too. I understand how easy it is to not want to wake up and exercise. I don’t think anyone really enjoys forcing themselves out of bed earlier than usual to exert themselves physically. Where more than 60% of resolutions surveyed are health and fitness related, that’s where we’re going to focus.
What if instead of conquering the world, we set achievable goals? Instead of “getting shredded” this week, we wanted to take a minute off our mile time, or fit into a size 34 jeans again. Maybe at the dinner table we skipped the side of carbs and had some vegetables. Maybe something as simple as committing to taking the stairs to your office instead of the elevator. What if these small changes could in the end, increase that 8% success rate?
The first 3 weeks of your new plan are going to be the hardest. We all want immediate results and don’t get them. We’re mad the booty blaster workout from the Instagram girl doesn’t actually work in 3 weeks and sadly it didn’t include the butt implants. We’re mad the fat burner our favorite bodybuilder promotes didn’t actually change anything except making you sweat incessantly, steroids also sold separately. The fault doesn’t lie on the shoulders of these ridiculous role model choices though, most of it lands on unrealistic expectations.
Find a program that works for you. Maybe boiled chicken and broccoli isn’t the plan for you. Maybe it shouldn’t be the plan for any human ever, but that’s not for me to say. However, I can tell you that having a program that works for your lifestyle will help you keep the commitment. Everyone out there has a different lifestyle, everyone has a different goal. Pick one thing you’re not happy with, and let’s change it together. Pick one health goal and let’s change that together. Done in achievable increments, I think we can improve that 8% success rate. I heard someone say; “Progress happens when you change one thing 100%, rather than change 100 things, 1 %”.
If you need help starting, head on over to the Average Joe’s Challenge, and follow along. Get simple plans and new recipe ideas weekly, with a workout that fits into your lifestyle.