Opposing Superset Upper Body Circuit

  • warm up 15 30 second sprints
  • Upper body super set day (back to back sets, no rest between)
  • 4 sets; 15 push ups, super set with 15 reps bent over barbell row (then rest 60 seconds
  • 4 sets assisted pull ups to failure super set with close hand push ups.
  • 4 sets 21 rep side raises; 7 reps front delt raises, 7 side delt raises, 7 bent over rear delt raises
  • 3 sets Barbell bicep curls super set with tricep extension of your choice 15 reps x 15 reps
  • Plank hold, 15 seconds, side plank 15 seconds, other side plank hold 15 seconds, repeat twice

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