I want to share my philosophies and ideologies behind my training methods that I have found success with for myself, my athletes, my clients, and for the stay at home trainee. Im not going use any fancy words to confuse you or to just make it sound like I know what im talking about. I want you to truly understand how to pursue and reach your goals. These methods are somewhat simple in theory but it doesn’t take reinventing the wheel to succeed in your fitness pursuit. Keep it simple and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Consistency, that is the key word for anyone hoping for fitness success but most advanced trainees are aware of this. I want to touch base with those starting their first or restarting their fitness journey. Without consistency success will be very limited no matter the training methods. Consistency can be defined in many different ways; the key for you is to find the program that motivates you to stay consistent. Training programs can consist of 2 days a week to 6 days a week and we always want to start small in order to build off that and to not allow the body to plateau. We need to stimulate the muscle building and fat loss process without over working the central nervous system. The goal for the beginner is to find a program that they can stay consistent with and pushes the body for results. Remember start small and build from there, we can always increase and build a program, but we do not want to regress a program.

Comfort zone, we must push our comfort zone to new levels every workout in order to progress. We all have seen it or may have experienced it ourselves, a person coming to the gym for years with very limited results. Two things could be taking place, very poor nutrition or complacency in their training programs. As a gym owner my experience is the trainee is complacent and not maximizing the stimulus of training. Our bodies are naturally able to adapt to stimulus in order to stay comfortable. We need to push our comfort zone in order to increase stimulus and not allow our body’s to adapt. How do we push our comfort zones? Increasing stimulus through higher reps, change in rep speed, and different intensity methods will push your body to new results. We will be providing training programs that will push your comfort zone through varies training methods.

Last thing I want to touch base on is to work the muscle not just simply move the weight. This is directed more to the advance trainee but can help benefit any level trainee if the mind-muscle connection is activated. So often we are more concerned with the weight on the bar or the number of reps to be completed, we neglect the real reason we are training. Now this can vary from trainee to trainee, an athlete may be more concerned with explosive moments, an endurance athlete higher reps in shorter times, or a bodybuilder squeezing every muscle fiber.